Out there: Owl & ILL_K – Space Totem / Obscure Brightness (Terra Null Rec.)



Owl and ILL_K first coop release just got released on Terra Null Recordings. It’s more than worth to give it a listen for everyone who enjoyed their contributions to Nord Label. While you’re at it, take the time and go through the rest of the Terra Null discography. Their releases are always part of the playlists here at the “Nord HQ”. Show some love.

More info about the Owl, ILL_K, the release and Terra Null:

Owl & ILL_K – Space Totem & Obscure Brightness (Link)

“Terra Null Recordings proudly presents its twelfth release, two tracks from Belgium based Owl and with help from frequent collaborator, German native ILL_K. The two tracks together, “Space Totem” and “Obscure Brightness”, represent a dynamic descent into raw sound and texture, a place where Owl seems to feel especially at home. “Space Totem” as the lead and collaborative effort of the release, drives ahead with resounding sub-bass which is in turn complimented beautifully by airy percussion flourishes that fill up the atmosphere while not overwhelming one’s ear. “Obscure Brightness” as its counterpart is even more explorative in nature with sparse drums that move in and around haunting pads that are as deep as they are contemplative. Together they highlight very well both Owl and Terra Null’s passion for experimentation within the 170bpm space and present a firm statement of intent around that notion. We hope you enjoy music as we press ever onward into parts unknown.”

-Terra Null

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