Labels keeping Berlin techno fresh (by Bandcamp)


It’s been some time since we had some time to really sit down and write a more than the usual couple of words via twitter and or facebook, but the occasion more than qualifies for making the time to sit down again and let you know what’s been going on. We’ve just been named alongside a number of big and very inspiring labels as one of the contributors to the Berlin techno sound. The editorial team of Bandcamp Daily put together a lovely article featuring a number of short, nicely written introductions about every label on their list. 

After concentrating mostly on the NORDIG imprint in the last 6 month of 2016 we’ve always been working on some new projects for Nord Label and are happy to present you some of those in 2017. You can also expect another NORDIG release in the next two month by K-Rob. Stay tuned for more info coming soon.

We want to give our thank everyone who has been contributing to the label over the last years.

Read the whole article here.