COMP Artsc

We take the next step with our first compilation ever featuring known Nord Label artists like ILL_K, Owl, Clearlight and DYL as well as some new faces to the label, namely Acid_lab, Ahmad, Taucher, Broken Promise, Chet Matuto, Blanca, Hysee and Dailiv.

With this lineup of artists from all around the world we’re taking another journey through the “northern” and mystical regions of the 170 bpm spectrum. Starting off with a lovingly crafted ambient work by Clearlight & Owl the journey takes us step by step from calm and flowing soundscape, like “Rhea Calling”s spacious and mystical vibe, into a harsher environment.

On the way Acid_Labs “Drown” drives us forward while ILL_Ks “Windspiel” lets you hear and feel the northern breeze blowing through the wind chimes. Afterwards Dailiv guides us out of the calm areas into the more rigid regions.

Blanca, DYL, Ahmad and Taucher depict the harsh, rough and gigantic yet picturesque spirit of the sparse landscape, traveling north. Before we fade out into the vastness depicted in “Transmission Shift” we’re being hit by “Catapult”s sheer power.

Like a tour through the fjords, which each tune you never know what kind of beauty is just around the corner.